4 Ways To Care For The Trees On Your Property

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Do you love having gorgeous trees on your property? If you want to keep them looking their best, get into a routine of completing an assortment of tree care services, some of which may require hiring a professional arborist for assistance. With the right level of care, the trees on your property can continue thriving. 

#1. Trimming and Pruning

Pruning to remove dead or overgrown branches and trimming everything down to size can help with the overall health of your tree. While you may be able to do this on your own with small trees that are easy to reach, hiring a professional to handle trimming and pruning any larger, taller trees because of the height and work involved is much safer.

#2. Adding Fertilizer to the Soil

Placing some nutrient-rich fertilizer in the soil where your trees are growing can help with growth and improve the general condition of the trees, regardless of their age or size. However, you won't need too much fertilizer to see progress, and this process is best completed during the wetter months, such as winter and spring, instead of in the summer. If you plan to add fertilizer to the soil where your trees are growing, look for one that contains ingredients that are beneficial to trees, such as nitrogen and potassium.

#3. Health Checks

Much like one would check their own health at the doctor's office, you can have an arborist visit your property to inspect the health of your trees. While you may get a good look at your trees daily, especially when caring for them, an arborist can spot all kinds of issues you might not know about, such as diseases that can develop or pests that have started harboring around or inside the tree trunk. If you have any of these problems with the trees on your property, the arborist can recommend treatments to prevent further disease, eliminate pests, and keep your trees in better condition.

#4. Watering the Trees

When you're growing young trees on your property, water them to help them thrive. If it rains rather frequently in your city, you may not have to go out and water them by hand nearly as much as someone who lives in a relatively dry place. Even if you don't have young trees on the property, keep an eye on the trees and monitor the amount of rain your area gets. When a drought occurs, manual watering may be necessary.

Provide your trees with the best care to keep them growing and looking as beautiful as ever. You can complete some tree care services by yourself while hiring an arborist to complete others for you, such as pruning, trimming, and even treating different tree-related issues.

Contact a local tree services company to learn more.


16 May 2023

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