Gathering Necessary Data To Make Gas Drilling Safe And Profitable

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The availability of natural gas has increased due to new technologies that have been developed. Even with new advancements in onshore natural gas exploration, the discovery of natural gas is not certain, but natural gas reserves that were previously unavailable can now be produced and sold.

Examining The Geography

First, the surface structure must be examined by geologists in order to determine if a particular location is one where it is highly likely that natural gas would be found. Anticlinal slopes are one location where it is more likely that natural gas deposits will be found. Mapping the surface and subsurface of an area can allow geologists to identify these locations. 


Once it has been determined that it is possible that natural gas can be found in a particular area, geologists will use other techniques, such as seismology, to locate natural gas deposits. Seismic waves can travel through the earth and some will also be reflected back by underground layers. The data that is picked up from this process is transported to a seismic recording truck. 

In the past, the seismic waves were created using explosives. However, these explosives were bad for the environment and there are new technologies available, such as pistons. The data can then cause geologists to determine whether it is worthwhile to dig an exploratory well.

Exploratory Wells

Exploratory wells are the best way to obtain an accurate understanding of the composition of the underground rock areas. The geologists can examine the natural gas deposits and can also understand the geological features that can affect the process of extracting natural gas. Because this step is expensive, the previous steps are required to avoid drilling an exploratory well that does not discover natural gas.


During or after the drilling process, geologists must engage in logging. There are over 100 logging tests that can be performed. Logging is essential to ensure that unfavorable conditions do not develop, which would make it necessary for drilling to be halted. It may also be necessary to use different types of drilling equipment depending on the conditions underneath the earth. One way to test the well is by cutting a piece of a layer of the earth and examining it. Another way to log is to lower a device into the well that measures the electrical resistance to give scientists an understanding of the fluid content. All of these methods can improve the profitability and reduce risk associated with natural gas drilling.

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2 July 2017

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