Three Tips For An Asbestos Free Home

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To be certain that you are able to keep your building free of danger, it is important to stay on top of some of the most serious hazards. In this day and age, asbestos related lawsuits are prevalent because this fiber can be dangerous to people who come in contact with it. If you are looking to inspect your property and make sure that it is asbestos free, and mitigate the problem if contractors do find asbestos, read on and apply these tips. 

#1: Understand the danger of asbestos

Prior to hiring contractors for the inspection or mitigation of asbestos, you need to understand the inherent dangers of this material. The main way that this material is hazardous is when breathed in. Once the fibers come into contact with your respiratory system, there is a possibility that you could develop serious illness. Some of the illnesses caused by contact with asbestos include asbestosis, mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other types of cancers. Because this material is virtually undetectable when breathed in, it is critical to pinpoint any infestation as quickly as possible. This will require you to find an asbestos inspection company that you can trust. 

#2: Bring in the right contractor for an inspection

Once you are ready to figure out if your property is dealing with asbestos, start researching contractors that provide inspections. Get referrals from the many people in the residential and commercial sectors who have had to receive such an inspection in the past. You need to also make sure that you ask for a price estimate up front before having them complete the asbestos inspection. The initial asbestos inspection will cost somewhere between $400 and $800, while any inspection after asbestos abatement services costs somewhere between $200 and $400. 

#3: Take advantage of asbestos removal whenever necessary

Hiring a contractor to get rid of asbestos on your property is essential if you hope to pass health inspections, maintain property values, and keep everyone in your building healthy and safe. Because of this, you'll need to move quickly to get rid of asbestos after it is found during an inspection. Make sure that the company walks you through the entire process, so that you are well aware. Don't enter your building until the asbestos removal and post-removal inspection is complete. This service costs an average of approximately $1,700

Make use of these tips to keep your home free of asbestos


9 June 2017

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