The Beauty And Power Of A Storm: How It Affects Your Home

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Watching a storm, one cannot help but be fascinated by the lightning, the blowing winds, the pounding rain and the booming thunder. Add some hail for dramatic effect, and you have quite the show. While storms are always beautiful, powerful forces of nature worth watching, the storm damage to your home is not nearly as nice. Some storms can really ravage your house, but you can help deter some of the damage if you know what to look for.

Winds over Thirty Miles an Hour

If the weather forecast says the storm will have winds gusting over thirty miles an hour, batten down the hatches. Anything that can swing in the wind, like a storm door, could be ripped from its hinges and sent flying. Check your roof, too, if you have not recently. There may be some loose shingles that will be ripped away by the force of the storm winds. Anything you can seal and make tight, do it, or you will be paying a contractor to repair it all.

Intense Lightning

There is lightning, and then there is lighting that is really hot, more aggressive and very intense. Special weather circumstances create lightning that is more dangerous than just regular old lightning. Worst of all, this lighting is immediately drawn to anything metal, including aerial TV antennas, CB radio antennas, and other metal objects on your roof. If lightning strikes any of these things, they will be decimated. Thankfully, lightning strikes are infrequent and unpredictable. The only thing you can do to prevent an outside chance of lightning striking is to avoid using your radio and TV. If they are struck, call an electrical contractor after the storm to fix these features, or a roofing contractor if part of your roof is damaged.

Hail Damage

Hail damage is common, especially when the hail is larger than a silver dollar. If you have hail that is larger than a golf ball or softball-sized hail (yes, this can happen!), you can bet that your roof definitely has some damage, even if you cannot see it. Really large hail balls have been known to leave holes in roofs and break windows when the windows face the oncoming direction of the storm.  If the damage is severe enough, file a claim with your homeowner's insurance because the insurance will cover any repairs you need to the roof.

Finally, check all of your trees and call a tree care professional, like Affordable Tree Care, if you see any damage.


7 June 2017

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